Consumption economy finally gets its paradigm shift!

Direct Create opens a whole new way to operate the markets, where Makers and Buyers are the only players. Using the sharing economy as a stepping stone to arrive at a milestone marketplace comprising of only Makers, people who produce what they sell. 

Short Pitch:

 [for the busy folks!]

Direct Create is a community platform that creates networks, unleashing the power of markets to the makers and designers. It 'enables' them to collaborate, co-create, share and market products and services by energizing the Designer- Maker - Consumer ecosystem at a Global scale.

DC will also host a fully curated online market place for its Makers called Makers Market [MM]. While being a primary online marketplace, MM will have a hyper-local play as well, allowing local DC community members to host pop-up market opportunities in neighbourhoods. Together Direct Create + Makers Market will provide a complete ecosystem for Makers to reach Market, changing the way we produce and consume. 

Makers get access to markets, technologies, design and logistics

Designers find production facilities that inspire innovation

Consumers  create customized products directly using the world’s best talent pool

Liked what you saw? DC is in incubation stage and is actively looking for Believers, Investors and Associates, do write to us to know more...

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