Building Bridges are Multidisciplinary workshops encouraging teams to explore problems using a spherical approach. Each workshop has a targeted agenda, a conclusive result and a usable outcome. Interdisciplinary workshops can serve as silo-busters for institutions and organisations by creating cross-platform collaborations and new ways to approach problems and seek solutions. Every solution created through BB workshops gets exposed to the real world and opens possibilities for further exploration, making its participants active change-makers.


What we see is how we understand!

[reverse is also true!!]

BB moves its members from being an observer to becoming a participant, see the sphere and not the circle, explore all dimensions of the subject to find a uniquely appropriate and truly sustainable solution


Working In the field, BB workshops are not desktop explorations. We require participants to have first-hand experience of the problems at hand. Also direct interaction with key players. Each workshop revolves around a core theme co-created with partner institutions, it can be a tech startup or a Kanjiveram weaver

- To understand the context, the participants travel to the location where the experts practice their craft 

- Interact with the players and users, learn about the entire ecosystem in which the issue/product is created and consumed 

- Once that immersion is achieved, the workshop can either return to campus or continue at the location to work towards creating a Bridge


Building the Bridge : Workshop’s second phase involves finding the most sustainable solution

- Brainstorming through actively curated interactions, over a period of 2 days

- Debate ideas and possibilities, test outcomes that can break through roadblocks and facilitate genuine innovation

- Once a solution is conceived, the BB team will create a 360-degree framework for its documentation through a series of blog posts and documentaries about its processes through interviews and recordings  


Outreach: The concluding phase involves raising awareness about the solution to the widest possible audience using online and offline methods. BB platform has dedicated channels to facilitate this process, through its web site and conversation channels. Workshop team will create, debate and participate by sharing information through targeted blog posts across social media platforms to propagate the idea.


Pre Workshop Activation, The workshops will be fully curated, and every member selected through a predetermined process. Enrolment for sessions starts with creation of a Meetup/Facebook page for participants at least one month before the actual workshop. Participants are encouraged to participate in the conversations; based on their responses and interests, a select list is made of final workshop team with role and responsibilities. There would be at least one faculty member/ department head from each discipline in which the team would be participating, a maximum of 25 participants, and approximately five collaborators in each workshop. Preparations for a workshop start 45 days in advance.  

Step 1: Formulation of themes and finalisation of the dates

Step 2:  Launch online platform to manage the workshop along with a poster + blog post about the workshop 

Step 3: The workshop will be open for enrolment 30 days prior to the session 

Step 4: Members shortlisting process starts two weeks before the workshop, followed by the release of core talking points for the group

Step 5: Participants begin forming teams and start research. Each team has at least three members from diverse disciplines; a typical group has five to seven members. The collaborators will assist all teams, will also mentor one team in a dedicated manner. 


Requirements The workshops can be internally funded by organisations or use a hybrid model with a combination of players. Industry-specific sponsorship can also be a option. All participants need adequate working equipments like laptops etc; access to printers and scanners; smartphones; photography equipment; audio recording devices; video editing software and hardware; prototyping tools and equipment; a dedicated large room for idea creation, working and presentations; display equipment; stationery; and whiteboards; all day hospitality at the workshop venue, as will travel arrangements and off-site accommodation. 


“What do I get”: participants experience deep-dive immersion into a issue and work towards finding a sustainable solution. Working in multidisciplinary teams creates a wider understanding of issues and approaches to problem solving.The end result is the just the beginning of an exciting future for the participants. Depending on the ideas’s potency, it can explode to a larger arena, allowing all participants to further enrich their experience and even make a tangible difference in the real world. In light of today's often disconnected environment, BB workshops can be a great platform to make a knowledge-led difference. Our corporate bodies, universities and colleges are perfectly equipped to manage this transformation of ideas. 


“What do I get”: The participating Corporate, University or College is given an opportunity to co-create a new idea. As institutions, they can take this idea and further develop it, make it a subject for further research and/or host more conversations on the subject. The workshop provides them tools that enable them to extend their outreach and, in the long term, to participate in emerging debates around issues dealt with in the workshop. BB can create a series of workshops spread over several years to create core expertise within institutions around certain issues, also help them lead change in their respective arenas. BB workshops can also be a platform for organisations and universities to showcase their research and educational interests. 

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The Human Project will curate and conduct the workshops, provide the online platform for the BB sessions and work with the faculty and participants to help achieve the final Bridge. Each workshop will involve internal and external experts. HP will identify and select the experts and internal teams. HP will also moderate the debates and discussions on the online platform.  

The Host Institution will provide all support systems required for hosting the participants, a venue for the sessions, logistics and management of offsite, F&B for all days for the session. It should be possible for the workshop to run on a 24-hour framework at the venue. The host institution is responsible for providing all equipment, display systems and materials, stationery, and accommodation and transportation facilities for the external experts. 

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