A Collaborative Enterprise Connecting Our Cultural Consciousness True Sustainability

What do we do: Human Project is a design process management enterprise, working towards making  ‘every day more beautiful and beauty more sustainable’. It’s focused on engaging and connecting skills, knowledge and people. Find solutions to evolve a new way of life for the emerging world that's in ‘sync with its cultural conciousness.

HP's Innovation Studio: The Studio works on a wide platform of engagement, from Micro to Macro scales. At a micro level by leading innovation through transformation and product design and at macro level by evolving solutions through eco-system based approach for emerging new cities that celebrate our diverse cultural heritage. Enabling threads of continuity to flow from our past to our future- reviving our currently dysfunctional urban and rural environment

“To achieve ‘True Sustainability’ in every action is the final realization of the Human Project”
— rajeev lunkad


Portraits by Dway

rajeev lunkad

Rajeev Lunkad
Partner, Architecture

He is the Principal Collaborator at Human Projec.Rajeev has worked on wide ranging culture linked design projects, both at micro and macro scales. He is one of the primary planners behind the Jal Mahal Project, which also helped restore Jal Mahal Monument and revive the ecology of Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur. Mr. Lunkad has succeeded in bringing together the government, civil society, institutions, and businesses for India's first public-private partnership-based tourism revival. As an entrepreneur Rajeev has successfully incubated two Eco-tourism ventures: Jilling Terraces and Turtle Beach. 

Most recently Rajeev is involved with incubating a tech-startup: Direct Create, that's going to energise the collaborative economy by harnessing the energies of global Makers, create a unique marketplace for custom design & build revolution. Connecting global Makers through a empowering network

sheela lunkad

Sheela Lunkad
Partner, Operations


Sheela is the founder /principal collaborator at HP, working in the areas of design and sustainable practices. With a decade and a half work experience within artisanal communities; she has helped hone a 360 degree design solution offering an eco system for self reliance, innovation and growth within these communities. Her entrepreneurial ventures Jilling Terraces, Turtle Beach and Direct Create hope to establish a well defined market link up, revive crafts, build trust, create jobs, keep the jobs in rural areas and establish an integrated model for sustainable and equitable livelihood. All of these are interwoven with the core idea of expanding and celebrating our cultural heritage and make it relevant to today and the future.


Global Collaborations

Open Positions

Architect -Designer

If you are curious about the world as it is and desire to make things better, we might be interested... 



  • Bachelor or Equivalent Under Graduate Certificate 
  • 2-3 years work experience 
  • Exposure to international work practices


Short term position for individuals with good understanding of Design, freedom to travel alone and interest in Eco-tourism   



  • Under Graduate / Graduate from any academic stream
  • Capable of traveling alone to remote locations
  • Photography and Video documentation skills


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