Human Project


Human Project is a design process management toolbox, working towards making  ‘every day more beautiful and beauty more sustainable’. It’s focused on engaging and connecting with traditional skills, knowledge and people. 

Finding solutions and evolving a new way of life for the emerging world that's in ‘sync with its culture and its cultural needs. The Studio works on a wide platform of engagement, from Micro to Macro scales. At a micro level by leading innovation through transformation and product design and at macro level by evolving solutions through eco-system based approach for emerging new cites that celebrate our diverse cultural heritage. Enabling threads of continuity to flow from our past to our future- reviving our currently dysfunctional urban and rural environment. 

Human Project aspires to achieve ‘True Sustainability’ in every action that we take. While today the idea of True Sustainability is an open ended proposition with many versions and corruptions. As we evolve, Human Project hopes to gradually clear the complex and clever derivations applied to the idea of ‘sustainability’ by shortsighted definitions and the pressure of commerce to materialize sustainability. Pursuit for True Sustainability is at the core of Human Project.

HP’s Innovation Studio will undertake projects and promote ideas that make us shine brighter.  An initiative that will engage with India’s struggling issues with urbanization and managing its resources, specially water, learning from the pioneering work at Man Sagar, HP intends to promote adaptation of its solutions to larger water based eco-systems like the Yamuna in Delhi or the Ganga in Varanasi.

HP Innovation Studio is also actively engaged in reviving craft processes through craft based product development. Currently through development of an innovative product to be used as external suspended skin for a building, we are going to create India’s largest application of hand made ceramics in architecture. This idea has the potential to revive the entire ceramic industry while also introducing a hand crafted building product that's aesthetic and 'truly sustainable’.